Mark 6.6 Euroseries Series

All Rounder - Speed & High Stability

Major Advantages of JM-MK6.6 Machines

  • 1

    Brain of the machine – Superiority Guaranteed

    Power and ergonomics perfected.
  • 2

    Advanced toggle design from decades of experience

    Optimised motion control profile guarantees high speed with high stability
  • 3

    High-strength platens ensure high-quality precision parts

    Patented high-strength platens have low deformation.
  • 4

    Perfect parts from a high-precision injection unit

    Linear guide rails for injection – highly stable, high precision, high repeatability.

Toggle Design from Decades of Experience

Optimised Motion Control Profile for High Speed & High Stability

Professional Japanese mechanical experts took the latest and newest in toggle design and hand-fitted a motion-control profile based on large amounts of software simulation and real-life verification.

This combination largely avoids unnecessary friction and shocks among mechanical components, distributes tension uniformly to all tie-bars, and ensures a high degree of parallelism, in order to prevent flashes on parts and reduce toggle wear.

The result is a toggle system that moves snappily, silky-smooth and with no vibrations, improving power efficiency and usage life while protecting against mould damages and unscheduled downtime.

Perfect Union of Toggle Design and Hydraulics

Fast and Precise

Finely tuned by leading Japanese hydraulic experts, and enhanced via proprietary fluid-dynamics simulation software, the entire hydraulic circuit is optimised to a high degree of perfection.

Strong Platens for High Quality Parts

Patented high-strength platens with low deformation

The centre of both platens is thickened to achieve lower deformation, and thus more uniform clamping force on the mould than most competitive offerings.

Low platen deformation ensures high part quality and superior mould protection


Professional Controller B&R

Customized for the MK6.6 series

  • 1

    B&R 10.4″ Professional Controller:

    -Integrated automation solution -High-Speed applications -Manage complete production cells
  • 2

    User Friendly Touch-screen:

    The multi-touch screen display provides user-friendly operation for clear process visualization.
  • 3

    Intelligent Control System:

    Can-Bus based I/O creates the fastest response and reliability.

Break Away Performance

Fast and Precise

Part Specifications

LED lighting part
Shot Weight : 121g
Cavities: 8
Resin : PC
Cycle Time : 32.4s

Weight : 350kg
Dimensions : 400mmx400mmx300cmm

Production data for LED lighting part

Part Weight Distribution

Wall Thickness Distribution

CPK (Process Capability Index)- higher is better, indicating higher stability and quality.

Breaks No Sweat - Sustainable Productivity

Clamp Open Position Distribution

CMK (Machine Capability Index) – higher is better, indicating higher repeatability and better control

How Fast Is Fast Enough

Dry Cycle Comparison

13% Faster Dry Cycle

15% More Speed

Competition X 160T
Competition Y 160T

Power Consumption

Application Case Example : LED lighting part

Show Me The Numbers

Production Simulation

0 M
11 months of
production per year
0 H
21 hours of
production per day
/ kW.h
0 Y
10 years of
primary usage

Faster is always better

JM168-MK6.6 produces more shots in 10 years


more shots

Efficiency is the name of the game

JM168-MK6.6 produces 8 million shots in 10 years, saving about E29,400 in energy costs

(0.0714-0.0567) x8,000, 000×0.25=

0 % higher productivity


Machine ModelClamping Force (Max)Opening StrokeSpace Between Tie Bars (HxV)Max. Mould ThicknessMin. Mould ThicknessMaximum DaylightEjector ForceEjector StrokeCenter Ring Diameter
JM88-MK688330360 x 3603801307202.8100125
JM128-MK6128370410 x 4104501458304.2120125
JM168-MK6168420460 x 4605201609704.2140125
JM208-MK6208490530 x 53055018010606.7150160
JM258-MK6268530580 x 58061019511407.7170160
JM328-MK6328600660 x 66066022013407.7170160
JM398-MK6408670730 x 730730250145011.1220160
JM468-MK6488770810 x 810810275167011.1220200
JM568-MK6568835855 x 855850330175016.6250200
JM668-MK6658920900 x 900920350184018.2265200

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Model IDSwept VolumeSwept VolumeSwept VolumeInjection Weight (PS)Injection Weight (PS)Injection Weight (PS)Screw DiameterScrew DiameterScrew DiameterScrew L/D RatioScrew L/D RatioScrew L/D Ratio

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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    Additional core pullers (up to 6 core pullers)
    Additional airblow on moving platen
    Parallel core movement
    Euromap 70 and 70-1
    Larger maximum mould height
    Automatic lubrication on mould height adjust
    Up to 16 zones integrated hotrunner System (Euromap 14 standard)

    Bi-metallic screw and barrel
    PET or PVC screw features
    Hydraulic/pneumatic sequential injection (up to 12 valves)
    Barrel isolation
    Parallel plasticizing
    (Locking type) Screw tip set (88T-480T)
    Beckhoff X-Mold Controller

    Closed-loop Control Technology

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