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Automotive Industry

Devil is in the Details. Perfection is the only goal worth achieving.

Our High-end servo drive technology effectively reduces energy and delivers high precision with rock-like stability and repeatability.

Produce high-quality automotive parts, day after day, year after year. No defective products = No insomnia. Global real-time technical support enables your machine to run smoothly and lets you sleep better at night.

Packaging Industry

Need for SPEED! But how fast is fast enough?

For those of you who produce high-quality packaging materials, your profitability depends on the speed at which you can squeeze out the last minute and a half.

However, high speed and precision (aka product quality) often conflict with each other and require compromise. How do you “really” get faster?

Home Appliances

Fast without Precision is not “Real” Fast!

Our team of top technology experts from Japan and Europe took our 60-year time-tested hydraulic circuit and equipped it the latest and most advanced hydraulic fluid dynamics simulation software, optimizing the entire oil circuit to near perfection.

The result? Hydraulic controls achieve such a smooth, reliable and rapid response, we guarantee you will be stunned.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics parts:
Tight tolerances with immaculate cosmetic surfaces.

You achieve this by keeping stable pressure during filling and packing combined with perfect melt delivery and gate quality. That’s why our machines are equipped with the latest and most advanced hydraulic fluid dynamics simulation software optimizing the entire oil circuit to near perfection.

This helps you achieve the best part quality at the fastest possible cycles. This combined with our engineering and manufacturing capacity helps you bring products to market faster.

Mobile Phones

Global telecommunications is transforming the world as we live it.

The new SPEED series is specifically designed for the production of mobile phones – its high repeatability, high precision, high-speed injection, short cycle, ultra-energy saving, low noise and other characteristics, are particularly suitable for the production of high-speed and thin-walled products.

The World of Applications

No matter what industry you’re in, we are here to help you EXCEL!

The core of the CH America team is a group of four industry veterans with over 50 years of combined Senior Management level experience in the Plastics Injection Molding Market.

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