FOCUS SVP/2 Series

Energy Saving Injection Moulding Machine

Inovance Servo Drive System

The Inovance servo drive system is designed dedicated for injection moulding machines. This system provides high performance, precision, low noise and easy maintenance. For machines using this servo drive, energy can be saved by up to 80%.

Energy Saving

The SVP/2 system, with a speed-controlled servomotor, drives a fixed internal gear pump. The system pressure is measured in real-time by a pressure sensor. In this way, it only provides the required flow according to the needed requirements and eliminates unnecessary power consumption. Overall this leads to lower energy consumption, high precision, low noise and low inertia.

Clamping – from 20 to 60 tons!

European Specs

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  • Hole pattern and ejector pattern according to Euromap standards*.
  • T-slot or other patterns possible on request.
*Hole pattern/ejector pattern may differ from standard due to platen design.
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    Standard European components:
  • Hydraulic valves: Bosch Rexroth or Vickers
  • Hydraulic pump: Eckerle
  • Linear transducers: Gefran or Novotechnik
  • Electrical components: Siemens, Schneider, Telemechanique, PILZ


Machine ModelClamping Force (Max)Opening StrokeMaximum DaylightMould Platen (HxV)Space Between Tiebars (HxV)Max. Mould ThicknessMin. Mould ThicknessEjector StrokeEjector Force
FOCUS 20-H-SVP/220250400370 x 340250 x 220400150601,7
FOCUS 35-SVP/235230530450 x 430280 x 26030080602,7
FOCUS 60-SVP/260270600450 x 450310 x 310330100752,8

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Model IDSwept VolumeInjection Weight (PS)Screw DiameterScrew L/D Ratio
FOCUS 20-H-SVP/2202530182227182022211917,5
FOCUS 35-SVP/2435670395164222528232018
FOCUS 60-SVP/2638098587289252831222018

Model IDInjection Pressure (Max)Plasticizing Capacity (PS)Screw Rotation Speed (Max)Screw Stroke
FOCUS 20-H-SVP/22.1391.7321.426234,229080
FOCUS 35-SVP/22.2331.7321.3773,24,66,5230115
FOCUS 60-SVP/22.0701.6521.34668,411,3240130

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Professional Controller B&R 9

The integrated Extremely Fast Control technology


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    B&R Controller:

    -Integrated automation solution -High-speed applications -Manage complete production cells
  • 2

    User Friendly Touch-screen:

    10.4″ multi-touch screen display providing user-friendly operation for clear process visualization.
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    Intelligent Control System:

    Can-Bus based I/O creates the fastest response and reliability.
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    Isolated and expandable I/O for special operations/options/ Automations.
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    Save your Data:

    Unlimited mould data saving using a thumb drive.
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    Advanced Reports:

    Provides various reports for production, settings, alarm records and logs of operational settings.
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    Network ready:

    Ready to plug into a cloud-based service and participate in the IoT at the very fundamental level.

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    Additional corepullers (up to 6 core pullers)
    Parallel core movement
    Parallel ejector movement
    Euromap 70 and 70.1
    Larger maximum mold height
    Automatic lubrication on mold height adjust
    Up to 16 zones integrated hotrunner System (Euromap 14 standard)

    Bi-metallic screw and barrel
    PET or PVC screw features
    Barrel shut-off nozzle
    Barrel insulation
    Parallel plasticizing
    Industry 4.0

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