Injection Moulding Manufacturer

The Chen Hsong Group was established by Dr. Chen Chiang in 1958. After more than half a century of endless expansion, Chen Hsong has grown from a small machinery workshop to one of the largest manufacturers of injection moulding machines in the world.

Chen Hsong produces around 20,000 machines annually, with a customer base covering more than 90 countries worldwide. Our headquarter is located in Hong Kong and production facilities are in China (Shenzhen, Shunde, Ningbo) and Taiwan (Tao Yuan).

Agents & distributors

CH Europe Headquarters are located in Germany, we have numerous machines and spare parts in stock.

Injection moulding machines are also available for demonstration, testing and training.

Experienced Team

With an experienced CH Engineering and Service Management team in place, CH Europe is well prepared to start-up and service your new or existing Chen Hsong machines.


European Standards

In 2013 Chen Hsong Europe was established in order to develop and eventually service the europeen market and fulfill the needs of our European costumers.

Since then Chen Hsong has worked hard to improve the machine quality, implementing European standards, energy saving components,  and making specific changes to conform to europeen designs.

As a result, Euromap dimensions, European controller and energy saving servo driven pumps are the standard now.

Competitve in All Aspects

At Chen Hsong we offer a full range of advanced injection moulding machines.

High speed, energy saving, large tonnage, precision servo, and reliable Chen Hsong injection moulding machines are very competitive in all aspects.

Also, the development of a totally new range of fast two-platen machines, with clamping forces ranging from 700 to 6500ton is impressive.

Working in the field, listening to customers and agents, Chen the willingness and flexibility to change, improve and develop, the Chen Hsong injection moulding machines have become very competitive in all aspects.

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